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Superior Home Performance Case Studies: Eliminating Mold and Removing Poor Insulation in Vernon, CT

Tuesday, December 18th, 2018 by Korrin Leslie


Attic Systems by Superior Home Performance was called out to a home in Vernon, CT to do an energy evaluation. Our Building Science Specialist, Michael Jensen, did a thorough investigation of the home to see how it was losing energy, and how he could help. When Michael inspected the attic, the first things he noticed was a leaky, uninsulated pull-down staircase, numerous mold spots on the rafters and roof deck, and a poorly insulated attic floor. The existing fiberglass insulation was only providing an R-Value of 9; In New England the building standard for attic insulation is between R-49 and R-60.  The underside of the insulation was black, a clear indication of “wind washing” which is caused from the warm air. The homeowner paid for heat that was escaping from numerous penetrations that Michael found in attic floor from the top plates, light fixtures, stairwell and kitchen soffits. During his inspection he also found a bathroom fan exhaust zip-tied to the gable end vent which was blowing all that moisture back into the attic. Michael now knew how to fix these problems, ultimately improving the performance and comfort of this Vernon home.




Michael sent the production crew out and had them first remove all the old, dirty insulation. Once the existing insulation was removed and the entire attic was vacuumed, the crew could now air seal the attic floor using their one part polyurethane foam sealant ZYP FOAM. With the attic air sealed and cleaned, it was now time to eliminate the mold. The production crew sprayed Mold-X2 cleaner all over the wood in the attic. Mold disappeared in seconds and the framing looked nearly new. The homeowners and crew only had to leave the home for a couple hours to let the odors air out. Mold-X2 Botanical was now applied to the wood to help prevent mold from growing back in the future. The Next step was to properly vent the bathroom fan using an insulated flex duct, a roof ducting kit and backdraft dampers. The crew properly vented the bathroom fan through the roof, keeping all of that moisture outside the home. With the attic air sealed, the home now retains the warm air the homeowner paid to heat. Condensation on the roof deck and rafters caused from the warm air of the home meeting the cold winter air of the attic is eliminated, making mold reappearance little to none. To make this attic completely energy efficient, TruSoft Cellulose was now blown-in. The exclusive TruSoft Cellulose has a higher R-Value than fiberglass (60), contains up to 85% of recycled content, and is treated with the naturally occurring mineral, borate. Not only is borate fire, insect, and rodent resistant, but it also resists mold! This insulation is going to keep this attic clean and better insulated.


Attic Systems by Superior Home Performance provided an effective and accurate solution to the mold and insulation problems this Vernon, CT home was experiencing. Mold is now eliminated in the attic with little to no chance of returning due to treatment, air sealing, and the borate in the TruSoft Cellulose Insulation. The TruSoft Cellulose Insulation will also protect the home better from losing energy through conduction than the old insulation was due do its higher R-Value. And, the Zyp Foam will prevent energy lost through convection. This Vernon home is now performing as it should and is comfortable as can be!

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