What is Stack Effect?

Thursday, January 31st, 2019 by Korrin Leslie

   If a home is not air sealed and is poorly insulated, stack effect will cause the conditioned living space to be drafty, feel too cold and/or too hot making it much harder to heat and cool the home and ultimately contributing to higher utility bills. A home Superior Home Perforamce, LLC had worked on in Quaker Hill, CT. In the winter as we are heating our homes, the air pressure and temperature outside is much lower and dense. As we pay to warm the air in our homes that air becomes lighter and less dense and wants to move to the cooler air outside. Since our attics are normally vented when that warm air leaks into the attic it’s now lost outside. To equalize, cold dry air from outside gets sucked in at the lowest level of the home, causing cold floors, rooms that are cold and drafty and hard to heat. The elevated floors are too warm. The more unfortunate thing is that the warm air doesn’t stay on the elevated conditioned space. It keeps rising into the attic. If the attic has any air leaks from pipe penetration, can light covers, chimney/duct chaises etc., all of that energy is going to be lost through the attic. That warm air will go outside and never return. It leaves the attic, cools down, and drops back to the ground and renters the home. A homeowner is essentially paying utility bills to warm the outside of the house and let cold air back in with a poorly insulated, leaking attic.

   The reverse happens in the warmer months. The home is trying to be cooled by the AC, but it is hot outside. The warm air comes in at ground level making the downstairs warmer than wanted and more warm air rises to the elevated level, making it even warmer. We are now blowing our AC high and it is not being effective. We are losing energy and the whole house is extremely hot.

  Superior Home Performance does have a solution to the problem created by Stack Effect. We would air seal any leaks with ZYPfoam and insulate the attic with either exclusive TruSoft Cellulose or SilverGlo. Call or message us today to start taking care of your drafty home and help with the home utility bills.




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