Benefits of Duct Encapsulation

Tuesday, February 12th, 2019 by Korrin Leslie

As homeowners, we expect our heating and cooling systems to heat and cool our home so we will be comfortable year round. There is a lot of money spent on utility bills and the last thing any homeowner wants is to not have the system work properly or to lose any of the energy that is being paid for. When it comes to a duct system in a vented attic, there are problems that could arise that we may not even know about until we get an evaluation. Ducts can be leaky causing the home to lose energy. Duct lines can also cool and heat in extreme temperature conditions making the air flow to the conditioned space below not be at the desire temperature. These are problems that Superior Home Performance, LLC have witnessed first hand in homes like the one we visited in New London, CT. These problems must be addressed and corrected to have a home be comfortable and to not lose energy.


A vented, unconditioned attic needs to be thought as outside space. Not only will an attic match the outside temperatures, but the temperatures will be to the extreme. Attics can be as low as -30 degrees in the winter and up to 125 degrees in the summer. If a duct system is not insulated properly, the temperature in the attic will affect the temperature of the duct lines. If it is cold the ducts will be cold and same goes for if it’s hot. With these duct lines re-cooling and reheating, the air that leaves the supply also will cool during the winter and heat up during the summer. That means the air supply going to the conditioned space is not arriving at the temperature the homeowner has set it at. A duct system also must be sealed because they have many joints gaps and holes. When the duct system is on, the air flow in the duct lines will escape through these leaks. This air flow leaked through unsealed vents is lost energy in the attic that we as homeowners are paying for. To solve duct line temperatures and the loss of energy through duct line air leaks,  the duct system must be sealed and insulated.


Superior Home Performance, LLC offers a Tight ‘N True Duct Encapsulation. We use our exclusive two-part polyurethane closed cell ZYPFoam to fully seal and insulate a home’s duct system. Not only does the duct encapsulation provide a solution to the problems we have already discussed, but it also makes for less dust and noise from the duct system as well as lengthens the life of the equipment. Superior Home Performance, LLC improved the home in New London, CT with a Tight N’ True Duct Encapsulation. That home, as well as many others, are reaping all of these benefits of a full duct encapsulation! Contact us today for an evaluation to see how your ducts are operating in your home.


These ducts in New London, CT were encapsulated with two-part, closed cell exclusive ZYPFoam.




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