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Attic Insulation Case Studies: Fixing Drafty Home in Quaker Hill, CT

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019 by Korrin Leslie


Attic Systems by Superior Home Performance got called out to a home in Waterford, CT to evaluate why rooms were drafty and how to make the home more comfortable year round. The homeowners were experiencing extremely hot rooms in the summer and freezing cold rooms in the winter. As a result of trying to keep their rooms comfortable, the homeowner's utility bills were relatively high. When the Building Science Specialist, Michael J., arrived to the home, he wanted to evaluate the attic first. When it comes to temperature comfortability in a home, the first thing that should be looked at is what kind of insulation the home has if any. One of the most important and effective places for insulation to be properly installed is in the attic. Most energy can be lost through a poorly insulated attic due to stack effect and a properly insulated attic can control whole home temperature. When Michael entered the attic, he found that the home had no attic insulation! It was completely vented! He knew then and there how to make the home more comfortable, less drafty, and how he could help make the home’s utility bills lower. This Waterford, CT home was in need of a SUPER ATTIC.


Superior Home Performance sent their crew out for production to start working on a Super Attic for this home in Waterford, CT.  Before production can start, the attic has to be cleaned out. There was no insulation in this home prior, but there was roof and other kind of debris. The crew vacuumed everything out and now was ready for production. They first air sealed the attic with ZYPFoam, an exclusive one part polyurethane foam. The ZYPFoam ensures that no leaks can enter or exit through the attic, even in the smallest places. Now the crew was ready to install another exclusive product, SilverGlo. SilverGlo is an expanded polyurethane foam board infused with graphite and has radiant barriers on both sides. This creates an “energy force field”  between the roof and the attic space. There is now a vented roof and a non-vented attic space. The Super Attic should be a space that is suitable and conditioned for storage or to convert into a room. The SilverGlo insulation and ZYPFoam air sealing allows the attic to have moderate temperature year round. With the attic never being too hot or too cold, the rest of the home also won’t have extreme temperatures. There will not be the convective, conductive, or radiate heat/cold transfer from the attic. Also, with rooms being more comfortable, the AC or heat won’t have to be turned up as much resulting in lower utility bills. This Waterford, CT s complete and comfortable.

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